Coban 2 Compression System

Coban 2 Compression System

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3M Coban Two Layer Compression System is designed with Intelligent Compression Dynamics to stay in place and deliver effective therapeutic compression for venous leg ulcers and other conditions requiring compression. The compression system is supplied as a kit that includes two rolls: a Comfort Layer and a Compression Layer. The inner comfort layer is a lamination of polyurethane foam and a cohesive bandage. The outer compression layer is a cohesive bandage, designed to provide sustained, compression levels.

Benefits of Coban 2-Layer Compression Bandage Roll

  • Designed for comfort, mobility and daily living
  • Can be worn up to 7 days
  • Low-profile compression system

3M Coban Two Layer Compression System includes:

  • Roll 1 Comfort layer: 4" x 2.9yd, unstretched
  • Roll 2 Compression layer: 4" x 5.1yd, fully stretched